Humanness & Technology for Qualitative Research:
New Approaches in New Times

21st-23rd October 2021

Malaysia Time 9:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M

About this Event

This is a biennial event for the Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM). Society is living in unprecedented times. As lives and livelihoods affected by a global pandemic confront never-before-seen issues and challenges, new ways of understanding the condition or quality of being human must be found for the post-Covid-19 world. More than ever, qualitative inquiry in social research is needed so that complex social responses to new challenges can be understood. This raises the question of how far qualitative inquiry from lenses rooted in traditional research epistemologies and methodologies can step up to new requirements when the boundaries of what it means to live, learn and work have drastically altered. In this light, how far can the partnership of traditional and the new, seen in the use of technology particularly through digitalization and new media platforms in qualitative inquiry, bring changes to the way qualitative data is understood, collected, analysed and disseminated? The impact of addressing this is far-reaching as notions of humanness and the condition of being human become couched in new parameters within the modern, global community. This conference will address the arguably limitless potential for new qualitative research approaches in social phenomenon, in new times.

Conference sub-themes include but are not limited to:

  1. Reconciliation and “partnership” with technology
  2. Impact of new technology in methodologies
  3. Research Ethics and technology
  4. Fieldwork challenges
  5. Research design
  6. Technology in qualitative data analysis
  7. Philosophy and methodology

For registration to the event, please visit: https://www.qramalaysia.org/iqrc2021

Why should you register?

In this virtual conference, we bring together international and local experts in qualitative methodologies to share their experience and ideas in bringing about rigour in qualitative work. We have lined up three prominent speakers, Professor Virginia Braun , who has co-authored the heavily cited qualitative method -reflexive thematic analysis, Professor Michael Myers , who has a research interest in qualitative research methods in information system, and Professor Rohaida Mohd Saat , who is an honorary professor at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya.

This conference also provides many opportunities for delegates to share their thoughts and work. In the past, our conference had attracted a variety of professions and disciplines, from social science, education, business and healthcare. Rest assured that you will find the audience interested in your work.


Conference 21 Oct 2021

Day 1 (Thursday)
9.00am – 9.15 am Opening speech
Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM)
9.15am – 10.00am Plenary 1: Prof Michael Myers
Qualitative research in a digital world
10.00am -10.30 am Tea/meeting lounge
Parallel 1: Parallel 2: Parallel 3: Parallel 4:
10:30 am – 11.30am

Parallel Paper
Presentation Session 1:
1A 2A 3A 4A
break / meeting lounge
11.45 am – 1.00pm

Parallel Paper
Presentation Session 2:
1B 2B 3B 4B

Conference 22 Oct 2021

Day 2 (Friday)
9.00am – 9.45am Plenary 2: Prof Virginia Braun
Understanding the method of Thematic Analysis and choosing the right approach for your project.
9.45am- 10.00am break / meeting lounge
Parallel 1: Parallel 2: Parallel 3: Parallel 4:
10:00 am – 11.00am

Parallel Paper Presentation Session 3:
1C 2C 3C 4C
break / meeting lounge
11.15 am – 12.45pm

Parallel Paper Presentation Session 4:
1D 2D 3D 4D

23 Oct 2021

Day 3 (Saturday)
9.00am – 9.45am Plenary 3: Prof Rohaida Mohd Saat
Ethics in Qualitative Research: New Concerns for New Approaches
9.45am- 10.00am break / meeting lounge
Parallel 1: Parallel 2: Parallel 3: Parallel 4:
10:00 am – 11.00am

Parallel Paper Presentation Session 5:
1E 2E 3E 4E
break / meeting lounge
11.15am - 12.45pm Form
Doing collaborative qualitative work virtually
12.45pm Closing and awards